Alokananda Dasgupta is a composer based in Mumbai, India. She is the  daughter of the poet and filmmaker, Buddhadeb Dasgupta. She holds a  Bachelors of Arts degree with Honours in English Literature from St. Xavier's College. She was working on her Masters in English Literature at Calcutta University when she decided to pursue her life-long passion for  music in Toronto, where she received a Bachelors of Music with Honours in Theory and Composition at York University.

As a classically trained pianist and piano teacher, Alokananda gravitated naturally towards music composition for films. Her appreciation for a diverse range of music has lead her to work in National award winning Marathi films like Shala and Fandry, and was one of five selected for the Mumbai Composers Lab for 2013. She received the Prabhat Purashkar and the Sanksriti Kala Darshan awards for the best background score in 2012 and 2014. She also composed music for the critically acclaimed Hindi film B.A Pass and contributed trailer music to the award-winning silent film, The Labour of Love. Her work on her father's films include Woh, Treyodoshi, Anwar ki ajeeb kissa, and Tope. In 2016 Alokananda was invited to Berlin to attend the Berlinale Talents under the category of Music Composer and Sound Studio, and provided music and songs for the feature film Trapped. In 2020, Alokananda was the winner of the 2020 Filmfare for Best Background Music (Series) for Sacred Games 2.

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